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Sci-fi and fantasy audio drama from the Wireless Theatre Company. Also look out for our award winning series 'Red Moon' and 'The Springheel Saga' at wirelesstheatrecompany.co.uk.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Space Ladz

    Audio Comedy Sci-Fi Three Earthmen face the morning after a stag do on an alien pleasure planet. A light hearted audio comedy sci-fi adventure recorded in front of a live audience at London’s LOST Theatre as part of the Wireless Theatre Sci-Fi showcase. Contains swearing. ...


  2. Time Travel Inc

    Time Travel Inc. Science Fiction audio comedy. You cannot change anything that has happened. That’s not a threat or a challenge, it’s a fact.  Believe me, people have tried. If you do try to stop something that you know happens, then something will go wrong, possibly resulting in a personal ...


  3. 2010 Space Commander

    The concept of 2010 Space Commander! came about after hours of musings on the future of the planet and us being on it – taking in to account what we already know about climate change, available resources and population expansion. Our bodies cannot genuinely explore space, so why not get rid of ...


  4. Dead London

    Based on H.G. Wells’s classic tale of Martian invasion, DEAD LONDON sees humanity defeated by a superior military force from another world. Recorded on location at Horsell Common, Surrey, and featuring Brian Blessed as the Voice of the Martians, DEAD LONDON was the winning entry in the 2013 War of ...